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SmartTouch phone features like call waiting and call display are ubiquitous now, but in the early 90's they were new and people were highly suspicious of losing their privacy. The objective of this brochure -- distributed through BC TEL's Phone Marts-- was to gently tell people these features were friendly, easy to use, and could actually be used to protect their privacy.

A few people called these new features 'Big Brother.'

I preferred 'Peace of Mind at the Touch of a Button.'

Dial Me In!





Excerpt from brochure:



Privacy at the Touch of a Button

SmartTouchTM from BC TEL can help you transform your telephone into a powerful resource, helping protect your family against crime and harassment. With the touch of a few buttons you control which calls come through, determine where a call is coming from, give the impression somebody is home when the house is empty, and much more.

Effective and easy to use, BC TEL SmartTouch services offer the right connection for privacy and security.

The '*' and '#' keys on your touch-tone phone become your keys to activate and de-activate the various SmartTouch services. These services are designed to be easy to use, allowing you to take full control over your incoming and outgoing calls.

Instructions and activation codes for SmartTouch services are listed in your phone directory and on the back of this brochure. For more information, Call BC TEL Customer Service as 811-2323