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    Whistler Town Plaza
Real Estate Brochure

I can't count how many real estate brochures I've written. All I know is that sometimes I'll drive by some glass tower with a garish sign out front and think to myself 'That's a dumb name. It's not one of mine, is it?'

The perfectly-well-named Whistler Town Plaza had a clear marketing plan: priced just a little lower than some other developments in Whistler, the Town Plaza was pitched to energetic Yuppies who aren't afraid to party(responsibly.) So that's the sort of copy I wrote.

The designers laid it out so the whole thing unfolded to reveal a beautiful illustrated poster on the back, which I thought was innovative.

Hey, neighbour!





Excerpt from brochure:


The Plaza is the heart of any great community. It's a place to gather with friends and family and others who share your excitement of being exactly where you want to be. Whistler Town Plaza, with its natural setting and panoramic views, has been designed to cast a spell over an already spectacular location.

From your seat at the window you'll have to consider a few options. Powder snow in the winter. Championship golf on one of four nearby courses. A game of tennis on numerous courts. Spring hikes into flowering meadows and summer dips in the many surrounding lakes. Cycling, rollerblading, windsurfing. Or maybe just meeting a friend for coffee. The choice is yours -- 365 days a year. And whether you've spent the day on the slopes or swinging your golf clubs, you can always wind down with a soak in the hot tub. There's really no better place in the village to come home to.