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    Greyhound Courier Express
Contest Promotion

When I was brought in to write copy for a brochure promoting 'The Great Greyhound Courier Express Sweepstakes', the designers had come up with an Indiana Jones feel. It's fun! It's action! You'll take home treasure!

My mission was to give the impression that you can't lose (although, truth be told, this was a contest like all others; it's a rare bird who goes home with a prize.) Still the prizes were huge, there were already 'I can't believe it' photos of winners to put in the brochure, and I particularly liked the tagline they went with:

The Great Greyhound Courier Express Sweepstakes
A Contest For WINNERS!

Only losers could pass that one up.

I'm not a loser.





Excerpt from brochure:



Over 4,200 customers have already cashed in with The Great Greyhound Courier Express Sweepstakes. And with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes to come, the odds are excellent that you'll be a winner too!

Just remember, the more you use Greyhound Courier Express, the better your chances to win from over $3.6 million in prizes. All you have to do is make sure that every time you ship Greyhound, you enter your Sweepstakes Identity Number in the reference box on the waybill.

The more you ship, the better your chances. In fact, if an electronics company in Edmonton had shipped just one more package in July, they would have hit the $100,000 jackpot. So keep shipping to win!