RESULTS :: letters of reference

    Craig Thompson, President
HIPER Solutions





To Whom It May Concern:

David Liebe has worked closely with HIPER Solutions Inc. since the company's inception in 2000. HIPER is an application service provider with an innovative technology designed to automate transactions and business processes for the group health and life insurance industry.

Early on, it was clear that HIPER's success would hinge on our ability to succinctly explain a complex system to a number of unique groups, all of whom come with pre-determined views of which way their industry is headed. David took responsibility for delivering the communication vehicles necessary to explain our product and vision to insurance companies, their broker network, employers, and the employees receiving benefits.

HIPER's fully animated, Flash-based web site,, is undoubtedly one of the most creative, engaging, and effective sites on the internet. It achieves our primary goal of providing new partners and clients with a solid understanding of what we can deliver and why it serves their interests to work with HIPER.

The entire web site project was managed by David. He created the request for proposal, selected the design team, laid out and pursued the site's objectives, managed the budget, and delivered the site on schedule. With our guidance, he also wrote all of the copy.

We had similarly positive experiences with David as he assisted in HIPER's branding process, brochure development, the writing of our business plan and Offering Memorandum, and PowerPoint presentations.

Furthermore, all of this was accomplished while David managed communication projects for other ventures in the ICCA group of companies. He knows what he's doing and I would recommend his services without hesitation.


Craig Thompson, President HIPER Solutions, Inc.